Guilty pleasures, how do you resist them and get slim for summer?

If like most of us you have a guilty secret where you indulged yourself during the Easter break on chocolate and comforting dinners you may now be suffering with a few extra pounds as May approaches.

Did you find it hard to say no to your family, who you’ve repeatedly asked not to buy you eggs, which then just sit and stare at you until you give in.

It’s as bad as being in a television cop show where you’ve got chocolate and not egg all over your face. Whilst they try to get a confession out of you and all you can do is sob into your arm, “I couldn’t help it” the chocolate made me do it.

So now you’re paying the price as the inevitable happens and you’ve put on those horrible pounds. It feels like you’re being punished and you didn’t even buy them.

Well the good news is that there are no chocolate holidays for a while and you have time to take control of your eating regime and start some exercise before the summer hits.

Imagine being slim again this summer, imagine looking in the mirror before you go down to the pool and smiling at what you see looking back.

How is that possible you might ask, if like most of us, your body has been hidden away in layers of clothes due to miserable weather.

Well, where there’s a will there’s a way and with summer on the horizon you want to look at your best. If you want to lose those layers and get slim so you’re happy to reveal what’s underneath, you need to do something now. You need to get rid of those extra pounds!

Don’t leave it too long, join a gym, join a weight loss programme, just take action now, take control of your guilty pleasures and decide to get slim for the summer.

Gill Pinhass
Fitness Trainer