Our deliciously healthy recipes

Click on the descriptions below for full details of each of our specially created, balanced and healthy recipes.

Granola breakfast

An ideal start to the day

Roasted Vegetables

SImple to prepare, Full of nutrients, and very tasty

Carrot juice

We use a carrot, rather than a stick.

Sweet potato and apple soup

For starters, nothing could be better.

Stuffed tomatoes

They are, so you won’t be.

Quick and easy omelette

Involves breaking eggs (can’t be avoided).

Vegetables and feta

We make a meal out of vegetables.

Lettuce wrap

Cut out bread – use lettuce instead!

Carrot and lentil soup

A classic combination.

Fresh sardines on rye bread

Fresh is best!

Bulgar salad

A feast from the (middle) east

Pumpkin seed pesto

With pasta, or as a dip


Great for balancing your metabolism

Bowl of goodness

Great for balancing your metabolism

Gogi berry porridge

Goldilocks would love it!

Gado gado salad

Indonesian classic, with a healthy twist

Thai green chicken curry

With som tam (papaya) salad

Three bean salad

Three beans is better than one

Marinated salmon with chard

Serves 2

Buckwheat pancakes

A gluten and guilt free breakfast treat.

Home made muesli

A healthy Swiss style start to your day.

Pan roasted seeds

A healthy, tasty snack ready in minutes.

Red lentil dhal

A satisfying, warming and healthy meal

Spicy tomato crackers

Cracking with baba ganoush