Welcome to those who’ve joined our support group

Congratulations on completing the Get Slim Stay Slim Guaranteed webinar programme and electing to join the support group.

The group will provide you with all the support needed to achieve and sustain your goal using the tools provided in the webinars.

Recipes on this site, articles in this blog and videos and posts on the ‘Get Slim Stay Slim’ Facebook Group page are all only accessible to members of the support group.

Regular videos, posts and interviews are planned to be made on the Facebook Group site every Monday at noon UK time. You do not need to be present at that time, as they’ll be available for a significant period following each post.

In addition to using these facilities, make sure you keep to the programme rules established in the webinars and summarised in the follow-up sheet you’ve received, including:

  • Make daily commitments first thing every morning, keeping exceptions (the occasional day when you might choose not to renew and the occasional item in the summary you might choose to exclude) to an absolute minimum
  • Never break a commitment once made. Remember this would challenge your integrity (the commitment is an unbreakable promise), undermine achieving and sustaining your goal and threaten future use of a powerful tool you could have continued to use to achieve this and other goals.
  • Make sure you stop eating after consuming 10% of a meal when no longer hungry, every time. If in doubt whether you’re still hungry, stop immediately
  • Accept uncomfortable feelings and unproductive desires, while doing the opposite, to avoid reinforcing the unconscious beliefs driving those feelings and desires and instead unwind them

We look forward to receiving your periodic status report on your progress. Feel free to contact us with any queries or issues in the meantime through any of:

If you need one-to-one support, see www.abicord.com/get-slim-stay-slim-guaranteed-support

If you’re interested in learning more life-changing development tools than are included in this programme, see www.abicord.com/positive-mind-training. You can then register free for the introductory webinar at www.positive-mind-training.com

Good luck with your endeavours, though remember, it’s not luck that you need, just commitment

Graham W Price

Chartered Psychologist, Coach and Development Trainer