Exercise is an important part of a balanced weight loss programme.  Certainly nutrition and psychology are the most important components, but exercise is necessary to:

  • Enhance weight loss by burning fat
  • Lose weight and be healthy
  • Develop muscle tone (muscle exercises help to replace fat as well as creating a toned figure)

Exercise as part of a weight loss programme should include a mixture of aerobic and muscle exercises.

We recommend starting with a minimum of half an hour three times a week.

Joining a gym is helpful for those who can easily afford it. For others:

  • Aerobic exercise can be taken indoors (e,g, stationary bicycle or rowing machine) or outdoors (e.g. running, power walking, cycling or swimming)
  • Muscle exercise can be taken indoors or outdoors using weights or ‘standing or floor’ exercises that use the weight of the body to tense muscles

Our fitness instructors will guide you in your exercise routine