Get slim, stay slim Guaranteed
The most effective weight loss programme available
Our sustained success rate is close to 95%. This compares with under 10% for other internationally well-known programmes.
The prime reason: We focus on the psychology of weight loss. Along with nutrition and exercise, control of the mind is the key to achieving and sustaining your goal.
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A team of experts have come together to create this programme and provide ongoing support to those who join the Support Group:

Psychologists, coaches, development trainers, stress management consultants, public speakers and weight loss specialists. Abicord, a psychology and development services company and Abicord Consulting, providing services to corporates and other organisations. Acceptance Action Training, provided to tens of thousands, via a web-based programme called Positive Mind Training, and Acceptance Action Therapy (AAT).

Lisa-Marie Cresswell


Qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist. I’m passionate about sharing my skills with clients to transform their health, state of mind, energy, weight and well being. My aim is to empower individuals and the wider community with the knowledge and tools to achieve and sustain weight loss and restore optimum health. It’s a pleasure to be a part of a team that’s offering such a powerful, holistic and multi dimensional approach to weight management.

Gill Pinhass


I’ve always been into keeping fit and have kept fit now for over 20 years. Since becoming a qualified instructor I’ve never looked back. I love seeing people change their lives and lifestyle. It gives me loads of satisfaction. I work with a diverse group of people of all fitness levels and ages. I’m highly competent and enthusiastic and have the ability, and track record, in helping to achieve weight goals. I love the Get Slim Stay Slim Guaranteed programme and am delighted to be involved. Join me on my video-based exercise routine to keep you fit and healthy and help you to achieve and sustain your weight goal.

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More articles will be available here when you’ve attended the course and joined the support group.

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We hope you find this blog useful and inspirational, particularly if you’ve struggled with weight loss, perhaps managing to lose some and then putting it back on again. Our programme includes expert …