Quick and easy omelette

As tasty and nutritious as it is quick to make.

Ingredients (for 2 people)

4 free range eggs

1½ oz. butter or coconut oil


1 tablespoon of water

Variety of Filings (optional)

Any vegetables, such as onion, peppers, mushrooms courgettes

1/3 cup of organic cottage cheese

Smoked Haddock


  1. Take a small bowl and crack the eggs with a little salt and pepper. Add the water and blend together gently.
  2. Take your pan and add coconut oil, or melt the butter making sure it is spread evenly over the base of the pan.
  3. Make sure the pan is hot but don’t let the butter go brown, then add the eggs. You should hear a little sizzle and cook for about a 45 sec.
  4. Tilt the pan. Then take your spatula and gently move the mixture towards the centre of the pan letting the remaining liquid run down the other side.
  5. At this point you should add any filling (optional).
  6. Fold one end of the omelette towards the other and serve.

Top tips

  1. If your vegetables are fresh and have not been cooked before you will need to chop and dice them. They will then need to be cooked in the pan before you start the omelette.
  2. When tilting the pan, chefs hold the handle and tilt it backwards and forwards to ensure a consistent coverage of the mixture.
  3. If you have lots of vegetables left over from Christmas and New Year’s Day you can chop and drop these into the omelette without pre-cooking.
  4. Total cooking time if using leftover vegetables: 10 minutes